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Ian Traynar leads a small team of highly proficient professionals. We’re really friendly and approachable. Learn more about who we are, what we do and why.


Ian Traynar

Ian is a qualified osteopath, who first registered with the General Osteopathic Council back in 1999. His registration number is: 3107.

Ian believes in treating the patient and their body as a whole – not just the symptoms. By focusing on the integrity of the structure, it is possible to look beyond just the pain and see other contributory factors. Because of the diversity of Ian’s training and experience he can offer a wide variety of osteopathic, body-work skills and advice on preventative healthcare. He has a strong holistic approach to health. His aim is to help the body’s own healing system provide rebalance and wellness throughout its entire systems.


Ian T has worked with the New Zealand cricket team, the GB Weight lifting teams and a number of solo, elite international athletes. He also trained in stress management with the Stress Management Training Institute in 1996. He is a qualified teacher in this field, holding a Teacher’s Certificate accredited by the University of Greenwich plus the One2One coaching award from HeartMath UK. He’s even a trained counsellor, completing his training at Bristol University in 2006. Because of his belief in preventative healthcare, he has studied the Alexander Technique for over twenty years. He has undergone extensive training in core stability work and offers the highest quality training both to professional athletes and the general public alike.


Ian moved to Southampton in 2007, and built a vibrant practice. Alongside this he has worked for the NHS at the city’s Homeless Health Clinic. Prior to this he worked for:

  • Six years in a busy GP medical practice in North Bristol.
  • The BRI Pain Management programme.
  • The Bristol General Hospital.
  • Bristol Rovers FC.
  • Worked with Bristol’s business community offering stress management consultancy.
  • Has run several 10-week Stress Management classes, both privately and for the medical centre.
  • For 12 years worked at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now called Penny Brohn Cancer Care), working as part of the therapy team developing various aspects of PNI (pyscho-neuro-immunology) with clients.
  • Finally, was the director of Bristol Positive Health for over a 10 years period up to 2007 – a multidisciplinary healthcare centre overseeing over 12 practitioners.

Ian Greaves

Ian is a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist, he brings personal experience and an evidence-based approach to his sports and remedial massage skills.

Ian graduated from the University of Bristol with a first-class degree in Physics. With this strong scientific background, he brings an evidence based approach to his healthcare. His own personal experience of long term chronic musculoskeletal pain has deeply informed his approach, giving him a lived understanding of the psychological, emotional, and social components that often accompany the physical distress of musculoskeletal pain. He understands that exploring all these aspects is often necessary in order to facilitate a full recovery.n


Having trained in martial arts since the age of five Ian has always been active. But after a period of illness while studying for his bachelor’s degree in Physics, he developed a serious hip and back problem. After seeking help and finding very few answers, he took it upon himself to investigate the causes of his pain. Several years working with many different therapists and self-experimenting with different approaches culminated in his studying for a Level 5 Diploma at the London School of Sports Massage. Ian now works with people of all backgrounds, from world class athletes to weekend warriors and office workers, all looking to improve their wellbeing and move more freely.


Since graduating in early 2017, Ian has worked with with a wider variety of people in private practise – from world class parkour athletes to weekend warriors. On top of this he has been involved with:

  • Providing regular sports massage treatments for the GB Junior Elite Diving Squad
  • Working with elite runners at various different racing events, including Endure24.
  • Treating world class pro-BMX and skateboarders at NASS Festival