Absence – Ian’s Hip!

It’s all been rather sudden, but Ian learnt in late June that he needed a hip replacement pretty quickly. His surgery date is 27 July 2017 and he is likely to be out of action for about two months. He profusely apologises to all his patients to whom this will come as a bit of a surprise. However his surgeon has said that he will be back working with more vigour than before, and of course bionic 🙂 !!

In his place he has suggested two osteopaths who have both worked on Ian himself, so he is very happy to recommend them. Unfortunately they don’t practice in Southampton – but within about 30-40mins drive.

OR if you needed massage with a twist of wisdom and deeper thought, why not try remedial or sports massage from the latest member of the Southampton Osteopathy team, Ian Greaves. He will be available on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, practising from Walnut Tree Surgery.

Here are the details:

Steven Orton, Brockenhurst, 01590 623311

Sarah Zaki, Fareham/Portsmouth, 07968 863171

Remedial & Sports Massage
Remedial massage therapist, Ian Greaves, (07860 385686 personal mobile) or 07792 782056 (my work mobile)

Also Note
Mr T has been planning for Ian Greaves to work alongside him for about 6 months now, and he will take the work phone. His details can be seen elsewhere on this website here:

He can be booked online as usual. In fact if you haven’t ever tried the online booking system please do give it a try here:

NB on this page, when you click the orange “BOOK NOW” button after the 20th July, you will see a holding page with the above details on to remind you if needed. Then you can click through and book appointments with Ian Greaves if necessary. Also please feel free to call Ian G on the normal work number who will be happy to help and advise where he can.

Ian Traynar will do his best to provide personal updates on his progress via the Facebook page or Twitter: